Tuesday, February 8, 2011

HE WHO HAS EARS TO HEAR...............

Yesterday, I was driving my little man home & he was going on and on about his day. I had a CD of Michael Card running with his favourite song, the Air Conditioner on as I tried to manouevure safely through traffic. Then I asked him a third time."So how did you do today with all your studies?" To my amazement, I saw him through the rearview mirror shake his head disgustingly from side to side, let out a huff of a breath and say,"Next time open your ears and listen for the third time mum!!"
I was taken aback by his innocent comment but reminded myself that this is what I'd say to him when he's not paying attention to what I say to him many times a day. I laughed within myself at how what we say and do reflects upon our children & it's used on us on a daily basis but out of innocence of heart.
Isn't it like that with God?
Look around us. The floods, the fires, the earthquakes, tsunamis,etc. We ask WHY and when no answer comes we ask again and again and again. Why doesn't it occur to us that God has been telling us why since  Word existed. But again, the majority needs to OPEN THE EARS AND LISTEN for the millionth time! Sadly, I am one of them.
Thank you Lord, for giving us children and using them to remind us of you and your patience towards us.
HE WHO HAS EARS TO HEAR LET HIM HEAR......sayeth the Lord.
Let's ASK less and LISTEN more.............
God's Jewel

This is my inquisitively unique D.J.


  1. Hmmm, I am guilty of zoning out my kid's voices and not listening too! It's a bad habit I've picked up and am trying to form a new habit of being in the moment with my kids.

    I am also guilty of not listening to Him too.

    Love your thoughts in this post. xo

  2. Lovely photo! And all I can reiterate is your words...

    Let's ASK less and LISTEN more.............