Saturday, May 28, 2011


I was having a cup of tea & a piece of my OWN (yes, miraculously so) chocolate cake this afternoon.The day was bleak and freezing. But I heard children's voices outside & a male voice. So, as an inquisitive mother, I looked out the window & watched a heart warming scene unfold before my eyes.
Two young boys (probably 5 and 6) were walking with their father (well, I presumed this due to the uncanny resemblance, same clothes, same beany same smile).One boy decides to jump on his bike & ride it. The father looked down at the other boy, motioned to him to jump onto the large,2 wheeled, adult mountain bike & he'd push him. The little boy stared at the massive bike, looked up at his father, saw the smile of reassurance, the welcoming hand extended out to him and nodded his head, 'yes'. He allowed his father to take hold of his arm, lift him up onto the seat and the next thing he did was what gave me a lump in my throat.
Perceiving that the young child's arms were too short to reach the handles, the father turned his shoulder and said to the boy, "Hold onto me and I won't let you fall." and off they rode into the ..........freezing weather.
That little scene reminded me how when I think I can't do it on my own & I see the way ahead is impossible, all I have to do is HOLD ONTO THE FATHER'S HAND AND HE WON' T LET ME FALL.
Incidentally, today is our 23rd Wedding Anniversary. Did we celebrate? Did we go out? Did we remember?
No, no and no........Just knowing that God the Father has carried us through thick and thin throughout these 23 yrs and we are still together as husband and wife, 3 beautiful children, forgiven & saved and alive and much, much more blessings to count.....this is our celebration!!! Happiness doesn't have ot be celebrated on one particular day. It can be celebrated every time we remember the One who brought us here!

I hope this little experience of my day inspired some of you to hold onto and TRUST THE FATHER'S HAND when life seems down or impossible.

Jesus said, "This is impossible with man.But with God, all things are possible."