Sunday, October 14, 2012


I FINALLY TOOK THE PLUNGE  into ............Homeschooling!!! In one term of 10 consecutive weeks, we have covered so much and still have not enough time in the day to finish what we set out to accomplish! DJ is so much at ease now, happy, content with life, eating again properly and also having a go at COOKING himself. Our weeks are full of studies which are set out for him, but sometimes lead to his inquisitive mind.And usually those ones are the most knowledgeable and fun times together! Swimming lessons every Monday, Soccer on Wednesday & Saturday, Violin, Basketball on Thursdays, Picnics with Homeschoolers too, Library every 2 weeks, and now Ice-skating. With Dancing of his choice at random times, & StudyLadder, Skwirk for his 4 KLA's , Handwriting & Targeting Maths, Bible Studies & Religions around the world, Food Tech when we want Fettucini for our Italy studies, or French Cuisine for our French Studies, Voluntary work when we bake Carrot Cake or cookies to give to neighbors, and the Fireys,Also the Olympics Carnival,Treasure Island at the Joan Sutherland Centre etc etc. It's never ending! And this, all in just 12 weeks so far!

I must admit that although it may sound easy, IT IS NOT!  People forget that homeschooling your children also requires 'home - schooling ' the rest of the family!!!!! A mother's work is never done! But instigating Life Skill chores into everyday life for our children, builds up their confidence (speaking boldly,overcoming fear of judgement), responsibility(taking action with direction,facing up to own mistakes & success in life, making wise decisions), affection(helping others, feeling with others,treating others as you would like to be treated), respect( for law, authority, people in higher position), loyalty(, choosing friendship wisely & a need to be trusted), intuition (using own common sense to do what needs to be done) therefore instilling in them morals & godly characteristics to pass down to others in life.

Yes, it is  a changing world out there. With change comes, maturity. And with maturity comes responsibility. Teaching our children these normal things through our everyday language and behaviour means we are passing down a legacy of either: GODLY OR UNGODLY. 
In my case, I choose A LEGACY OF GODLY............what about you?

"...................Train up a child in the way he should go and when grows older, HE WILL NOT DEPART FROM IT..." Proverbs 22:6
HAND IN HAND WITH GOD we can do all things, according to His will & His set path for us!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


For 3 1/2 years I've contemplated whether to homeschool DJ (De Jenius)...I thought that if I tried secular schooling it would make a HUGE difference in his life as well as ours.They say the government school system is improving. The regular routine of such amounts of subject a day was like a robotic, repetitive groundhog day for the students & I watched my DJ losing interest. At the age of 4 1/2 years, & beginning his schooling in Term 3, he was already targeted by peers who were misbehaving. Being the innocent follower that he is & inquisitive child to boot, I was being called up for an abrupt meeting in regards to his "getting detention for 5 days'!!!! Wow! For a little child who only knew the meaning of the word "HOT' to be hot and sweaty, or hot from the summer heat, he was put on detention with 2 other children for walking up to a girl student, & joking with her that 'she's hot'. Now, DJ didn't know what's going on but just followed the boys around because he needed a friend. When I tried to explain to the accusing teacher that he was 'just a child' without knowledge of what had happened, she called it ....wait for it.....sexual discrimination!!! Hmmph!! Anyway, that was then & that's when all the uncomfort started. From that day on, DJ was bullied by other children for being 'different.' Teachers could not (or would not) comprehend why my son would like to create a game of strategy when playing handball with other children! Why couldn't he just be 'normal'. What do you classify as normal? For DJ, not being able to use his creativity & strategical tactics for everything, meant that other children would not accept him & some teachers were not willing to understand him.
As each day passed with my heart burdened to homeschool, I stood by & watched my son begging me to keep him home every day. I'd pick him up after school & he'd be so sad & down & wouldn't eat. He told the doctor he wished 'that tomorrow wouldn't come & he didn't want to live til then, because he was being put on display in front of all the students by his teachers. And for doing what? Fidgeting, moving his legs, his arms, rubbing his eyes, laughing? Goodness me! If a child couldn't do what was natural to them then what does that leave for the rest of humanity??
I finally pulled him out of that secular system that was diluting his mind.God has given every human being a brain to use for wisdom and knowledge. And I needed my son to be free from that 'regimented' uniformly routine of 'you can't do this and you can't do that', SSShhh! Don't talk back when I'm accusing you of something' and "no, if you were absent on the day of the test, I can't make time for you to do the test!".................I, and ONLY I, as a parent , have the right to tell my son what to do when he's speaking. I brought him up & taught him & prepared him for life, only to what? Hand him to strangers to abuse, ridicule & bully him? No wonder he didn't believe me when I'd say ' You're special. You're loved. Do your best in everything.Trust in God for your answers in life.Don't return evil for evil.Respect your elders & those in authority etc.'..........
Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it. PROVERBS22:6
So here we go............let's do what is right for our children! LET'S HOMESCHOOL!!!!
til next time, Smiley :)